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Types of Cribs

Standard Baby Cribs

This is the most popular type of crib. Standard crib styles include Lenny Lind, Sleigh, Contemporty and Traditional. Standard cribs typically have either one or two drop sides that can be lowered and raised to provide easier access to the baby. In general, one sided drops are best when the crib will be placed against the wall, since you'll only need access to the single side. Double drop sides are more expensive but are convenient when the crib is either free standing or placed with the headboard along the wall so that both sides can be accessed. Drop sides options include either kickbar or shin releases. Standard cribs are generally lower in cost than other cribs types and will be used by your baby until your baby is about 2 years old.

Convertible Baby Cribs

These cribs are perfect for a longer term option. Convertible cribs are also know as 3-in-1, 4-in-1, or Lifetime cribs. These cribs start out as a standard baby cribs, then as your child gets older, it converts to a toddler bed, daybed, or even a full size bed depending on the configuration. Convertible cribs typically cost more than standard cribs, but they are a cost effective investment for years to come.

Round Baby Cribs

Round baby cribs are becoming more popular these days. They usually have one drop side and tend to take up less space in the room. Especially good for placement in a corner. They are more expensive than most standard cribs. Bedding options are limited and tend to be pricey.

Canopy Baby Cribs

Canopy baby cribs creates an elegant and dramatic look to almost any style crib. A canopy covering is attached to posts on the crib. Special care must be taken to ensure that both the canopy and posts are out of reach of your child. Also, canopy requires routine cleaning to avoid dust buildup above your crib.


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